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  • So, now I am making a new presentation of this blog and set the virtual travel with the links on the City Daily Photo Blogs at the end of the daily articles with photos. It is not finished right now, but I think
  • 1) it is easier to read so and to find the articles about Pont-sur-Sambre and the Avesnois.
  • 2) it let me a little place to write (I could see no more than 300 articles on the dashboard, so that it was difficult to make the links on the german and the french translation (or german or french adaptation) for the first articles.
  • 3) So that I shall begin the second blog later, because here I shall have now only a little more than 150 articles (6 months of daily photos), when the new and third edition is finished (the first edition had another template).
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vendredi, juillet 28, 2006

No fear, we are feeding Duckie............

mercredi, juillet 26, 2006

A second blog

Link on Pont-sur-Sambre Daily Photo two (and Avesnois) waiting that this blog is new edited.

mardi, juillet 25, 2006

150. The lake of the Val Joly ( The Lake of the Beautiflul Valley)

  • 150. The lake of the Val Joly (Lake of the beautiful valley)
  • I already toke this picture in winter and in the beginning of the night (It is the blue photo here) - (The link will be made again late).
  • Now I have taken the same photo in the evening as it was still light and in summer. This lake of the Val Joly is a lake with a dam. The dam was first previewed to produce electricity and also to avoid the floadings of the winter and of the summerly thunderstorm weather. Before this dam lake existed, there were great overfloading of the Helpe Majeure (I already said somewhere two affluents of the Sambre flows though the Avesnois, they are the Helpe Majeure which flows thouth this lake and the capital town of the Avesnois, Avesnes-sur-Helpe, and the Helpe Mineure which flows through Fourmies. The two Helpes are like in music major and minor.
    So, the Helpe Majeure becomes in this lake a regulation of its level to avoid floadings in Avesnes and also then in the Sambre, for exemple here in Pont-sur-Sambre and in Maubeuge. But sometimes it is possible that the water comes over the dam, by great rain or thunderstorm, so that there are although all this floadings. So, the people who works there which are nowadays only a few, must make a little level in the lake and let a part of the water flows slowly outdoor, when a big thunderstorm or several days rain of snow are previewed.
    But since a long time the lake is also used for sailing boats and since a few years it is a big center for leisure and water sports.
    Posted by Perle de rosée to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 7/25/2006 10:51:00 PM
  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
    My virtual travel leds me in my virtual boat on the Mississipi to the States Kansas and Missouri. During a few days, there were a blog of Kansas City Daily Photo (Kansas) and Independence (Missouri) written by Robert Harper. I hope this blog will get more posts.Perle de Rosée.
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mardi, juillet 18, 2006

145. The main square of Le Quesnoy.

This is the main square of Le Quesnoy. I take the photo from the train place or main square. In french "Grand-Place". On the left you can see the town tower called "Beffroi". The most Beffrois of the North of France and of Belgium are part of the UNESCO cultural heritage, but not the three ones of Le Quesnoy (here), Bavay and Pont-sur-Sambre. Before you can see the catholic church of Le Quesnoy in a classic style with frontispiece.

The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
I am going to-day a virtual trail to Texas. Oh! It was hot ! Like here ! And then I was looking at the blog of Liz and Mike : "Dallas Picture Blog". Look also at their pictures (post of the 17 July, 4.OO PM)

Perle de Rosée.

lundi, juillet 17, 2006

144. The play of the five errors or how to make out of a new photo an old postcard

Here is the town hall of Pont-sur-Sambre, France, in two ways, I toke the photo with a brand new lamp above the town-hall and then made (on Phot Shop) out of the photo an old post card. You can search the errors : something is failing on the false old post-card.

  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
    Coming from Arizona, we are going a trail to New Mexico to find Albuquerque Daily Photo, New Mexico, USA. It is written by Louise.
    Perle de Rosée.

dimanche, juillet 16, 2006

143. The way along the Sambre near Quartes.

This is the way along the Sambre near the town district of Quartes. This way which is following the river comes from Belgium and goes in the direction of the source. A few hundred hundred meters further it goes behind the town district where I live. A few years ago, there were still a way going from the meadow to the town district to the river, but the peasant does not more allow to go though the meadow.
The red sign board is the one you can see on another picture I did post a few day ago on which there is the portrait of Stevenson and a part of a text he wrote about Pont-sur-Sambre during his "Inland Voyage" on which I linked in the sidebar. The text is in english original version.
  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
  • The link of to-day is on Bisbee Daily Photo. Bisbee is also in Arizona. So it is not a very long virtual way from Flagstaff to Bisbee.
Perle de Rosée.

samedi, juillet 15, 2006

142. The rue St Louis in Fourmies.

This is the street St Louis in Fourmies in the East of the Avesnois. I have already shown a lot of pictures of Fourmies in other posts. This photo I made on the evening, so that some lights are burning. You can see in the background the building which is higher as the others : it is the theater.

The street is called St Louis, because it is in a textile town and in the past and nowadays also for catholic believers St Louis is considered to be the holy man of the textile workers.

If in my post I make a mistake of country knowledge, please tell it to me in the comments.

  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :

  • So, now I am riding with our virtual bicycle to Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, and we are looking at the photos of the blog of Dawn.
  • One day before Perle de Rosée was in Tucson, Arizona, USA and wrote :
  • From Nebraska, we are travelling a little South to Arizona. It was a long way, so that it was during four days and as she arrived there, she saw the beautiful picture of a thunderstorm, it is in the blog od Louz Tucson Daily Photo. And here were the weather warm and beautiful.
  • From the 9 to the 13 I made a pause in my blog.

Perle de Rosée.

dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

141. The Doors of the Avesnois : Les Portes de l'Avesnois.

When you come from the region of Lille, or from Valenciennes, Les Portes de l'Avesnois ( = the Doors of the Avesnois) are a little before Le Quesnoy, on the road from Valenciennes (one of the most important town of the deparment of North) and Le Quesnoy. And, indeed, it is a great shopping center. You can look at it here. It has a very modern architecture and is new.
  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
From Seattle, I'm going to LAS VEGAS, but it is a long way without ship in the desert. But with the virtual seven miles shoes, I am there very quick. And I look to the blog of Darren. Darren ? But I saw him somewhere else during my virtual travel. In Australia, I think. So, we're looking at the blog LAS VEGAS DAILY PHOTO.
Perle de Rosée.

samedi, juillet 08, 2006

140. The Café O'Campeones in Pont-sur-Sambre.

There are only a few cafés in Pont-sur-Sambre. I did show you already the Café de la Tour. Not far away just at the crossroad with the tower is this Café O'Campeones, where you can not only drink something but buy also some newspapers and smokers (I am no one) can buy also cigarettes. the sign-board for this is a red onion you can see on the right. You can here also play loto or bet on horses (the Tiercé). At the top of the house you can see this round holes which were windows. In Pont-sur-Sambre the roof-windows have this form, but they have other forms in other towns.

  • The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
  • (Text of the O7 July 2006) :

Now we are sailing the pacific Coast to the USA a little more to the North, and we are looking at the first photo album about Seattle. This is of Rose. (Now it is of Kim, but perhaps there are two Seattle blogs ?).

Text of the 8 July 2006 1:O1 AM)

Seattle is in the State of Washington, not to confuse with the City of Washington on the other Atlancic Coast.

There were also a Seattle photo blog which has no more new photos.

Perle de Rosée.

vendredi, juillet 07, 2006

139. Old architecture in Fourmies.

Since I make city and town pictures, I have eyes that go from the ground to the top of the buildings to get something special. And I have now eyes which see what nobody walking on the streets see : that our little towns have architecture treasures. Like the fontipiece of this bank in Fourmies... It is atonishing what the old houses (almost all of the beginning of the industrial era) have to offer to the eyes of the pedestrians : antique styles like here, houses with false columms, orient style, you can find in the main street St Louis and around all what your eyes can imagine as architecture... Walk and look at the houses all around you. What for big work made our ancestors !
Perle de Rosée
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The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée.
See message just above (Seattle).
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jeudi, juillet 06, 2006

138. The tower of Pont-sur-Sambre in the evening.

It was a very red sunset. I saw it as I went with my car on the street towards the tower, but I had no film more in my camera. So that I returned home to take one and when I went again to the tower, the sunset was no more so red as before. But the rosa back of the sky had a beautiful colour. The lamps on the left side of the road are in my meaning too high for the photo, but I must say there are in Pont not so much wires like in other towns. Many wires are in the earth like in the district where I live.
I must say something, it is here a real City Photo Blog, because I live in a "Cité" with about seventy houses. A "Cité" is a town district with workers houses.
Perle de Rosée (Posted at July 6th, 2006, 4:33PM).
Links :
The link of Thursday, Willamette Valley, USA.
Now we are going a little between the coast mountain range and the other Rockies, where we find a big and large valley called Willamette Valley and we are looking at the blog of Céline : Willamette Valley Daily Photo.
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mercredi, juillet 05, 2006

138. Sunset in the midtown of Pont-sur-Sambre.

A beautiful sunset in Pont-sur-Sambre. Here you can see the sky and the roofs. Among the roofs the chimney and the van-sign of the old brewery. This brewery do not work more....

Perle de rosée

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The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée.

Now we are going again to the Pacific Ocean and from there again to Portland, Oregon, USA, where we are looking at the blog of G. Zivny, Portland Pictures. Our friend gave up her blog several monthes ago. Perhaps she shall continue it one day at a time.

Perle de Rosée.

mardi, juillet 04, 2006

137. Monster Truck in Fourmies and USA-Flags

A gift for the USA City Daily Photo Bloggers, whom I am giving links since a few days and for still a little months. This Monster Trucks Parade in Fourmies (South East Avesnois) and the USA flag along the wall which close the ground where the parade has to happen.

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The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :

A link about a country which is a little more in the hinterland : San Fernando Valley in California by Brian.

Perle de Rosée.

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136. A "niche" in a wall in the Main Street.

You can look here at what is called in french a "niche" (A "Niche" is also employed for a dog-house). A "niche" is a hole in the wall of houses in which you can find somewhat like a little chappell. In the past people liked to pray the saints and the Virgin Mary staying before such chappells. There are statues in them and people bring flowers. And there is a gatter so that the statue cannot be stolen. This "niche" here is in the main street and the statue is the one of the Virgin Mary, I think the sort of recipient above is for the Holy Water.This "niche" is in the Main Street in Pont-sur-Sambre.
Perle de Rosée
Posted by Perle de Rosée at 3th July 2006, 4:18 PM GMT + 2.
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Le voyage virtuel de Perle de Rosée :
From Santa Clara is only a short way to San Francisco, where we find San Francisco Daily Photo by Manuel.
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dimanche, juillet 02, 2006

135. A renoved house in Pont-sur-Sambre.

This house which stay near the church of Quartes is just renoved. It is a beautiful ancient house of the 19th century. It has new comoured artistic glasses in its windows.The photo disapeared of my computer the time I was publishing it so that I shall publish to-morrow of later. It is night and I'm too tired to find it again.Perle de Rosée.
Posted by perle de rosée to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 7/02/2006 02:52:00 AM

The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée
Going a little further to the mountains, we find the town and the county of Santa Clara. And we are looking there to the blog of Ame. Santa Clara Daily Photo.
Perle de Rosée

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134. Stevenson in Pont-sur-Sambre

The english writer Robert Stevenson of the nineteen century made a cruise upon the rivers Meuse, Escaut, Sambre and Oise. He went in Pont-sur-Sambre on a summer evening, and it was just one of that beautiful red sunset on the river as Stevenson came in. He decided to spend the night in Pont-sur-Sambre and he found a bed in one of the two inns where he spent a good night before cruising southly along the forest of Mormal. He related all this in a travel journal where he wrote also about the tower and about the beautiful landscape here. At the edge of the Sambre, at the place where he saw one of that beautiful sunset near the church, they put its sign-board with a portrait of Stevenson and a part of the french translation of the part of his book, An Inland Voyage where he speaks about Pont-sur-Sambre. So, I made the photography of the sign-board at the edge of the Sambre.

Perle de Rosée


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The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée

Now coming a few kilometers northly, we are going to L.A. and looking at the photos of the photo blog of luggi : Los Angeles Daily Photo.

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