lundi, juillet 31, 2006


  • So, now I am making a new presentation of this blog and set the virtual travel with the links on the City Daily Photo Blogs at the end of the daily articles with photos. It is not finished right now, but I think
  • 1) it is easier to read so and to find the articles about Pont-sur-Sambre and the Avesnois.
  • 2) it let me a little place to write (I could see no more than 300 articles on the dashboard, so that it was difficult to make the links on the german and the french translation (or german or french adaptation) for the first articles.
  • 3) So that I shall begin the second blog later, because here I shall have now only a little more than 150 articles (6 months of daily photos), when the new and third edition is finished (the first edition had another template).
  • Perle de Rosée


At jeu. août 03, 11:50:00 PM 2006, Anonymous perle de rosée/dominique said...

To my readers :
Pay attention how you write my adress to search my site or to make links. Some people who have nothing to do with my town and my region have taken several adresses which sound like mines. pontsursambre is pontsambre or pontsursambre withour dashes (not pont-sur-sambre) in my adresses.
Their site is not this one and not mine.

At ven. août 04, 10:02:00 PM 2006, Blogger perle de rosée said...

Erratum : without dahes.
Write the words in my adresses so : pontsursambre or pontsambre and not so : pont-sur-sambre. Some people have taken an adress which looks like this : It is not my adress here on the blog you are looking at. They made a site about religion, but not about Pont-sur-SAmbre, perhaps to make me an injury in my work because I work I work in a public school, and I have not the right to make sites like they made. I could lost my work, if they think I were the author of pont-sur-sambredailyphoto, I am the autor of this site and and of the other blogs of this profile. The site with the adress with pont-sur-sambre with dahes has nothing to do with mine. Pay attention when you do your links !

At ven. août 04, 10:03:00 PM 2006, Blogger perle de rosée said...

Erratum : Without dashes...


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