samedi, août 05, 2017

The bread truck

I did not have to make a long way to take this photo in front of my house, as my husband was buying the bread at the car of the bread woman.

perle de rosée

vendredi, août 04, 2017

Une rose de Pont-sur-Sambre, de mon jardin, aujourd'hui
A rose of my garden, in Pont-sur-Sambre to-day.

mercredi, août 07, 2013

Statistics (following)

There were a technical problem so that I cound't write the precedent message until an end. Here's is the following.

The agglomerations of the region wich are over 100 000 inhabitants.

1st Lille Métropole (including Roubaix, Tourcoing, Villeneuve d'Asq and many others). French part only, Courtrai for example is not includes because in Belgium, but is part of the métropole.

2nd Douai-Lens

3rd Béthune 352 534, 17th place of France,

4th Valenciennes, french part only, 333 564, 19th of France.

5th Dunkerque 17th of France, 179 503 inhabitants.

6th Maubeuge (without the belgian part of Erquelinnes) 114 174 inhabitants (with me and my husband (!), without it would be only 114 172 inhabitants!), it is at the 58th place of France. It includes Pont-sur-Sambre and Aulnoye-Aymeries.

Only 6 agglomerations have more than 100 000 inhabitants in the North-Pas de Calais : Calais, Arras and Cambrai have less than 100 000 inhabitants.

Source : Insee (French National Institute for statistics 2009).

I have count 135 000 inhabitants for the Agglomeration of Maubeuge (towns syndicate in the Agglo + Hautmont + Erquelinne in Belgium).

A society of town-bus is covered the agglomeration. It is called Stibus.

Somewhat suprising : Louvroil for example, town just in the South of Maubeuge has 6812 inhabitants, more than 1000 inhabitants/km2 and from the commercial centre in the South-West of the town to the college in the North East of it, there are more than 5km.

The agglomeration of Maubeuge is about 30 km long along the Sambre and is between 3 and 15 km wide.

There is every day about 12 o'clock a big problem of car-circulation at the entrance of Maubeuge coming from Louvroil, you can wait a big long time!

To compare with the biggest agglomerations of the world : the megalopole of Mexico (3rd of the world has 60km x 100km.

And we have 30 km x 15 km !

There were a big industrial crisis since the seventies. It is a zone of metallurgy and we can imagine how many inhabitants would have this agglomeration without the industry crisis!

Concerning the Metropole of Lille, Valenciennes and Douai-Lens it could be soon a bigger Megalopole because the three agglomerations are growing together. Perharps we see that in ten or fifteen years!

The Avesnois is another part of the arrondissement of Avesnes. It is the country-side of it. The Sambre is dividing this arrondissement in two parts : the west side with the forest of Mormal and the town of Le Quesnoy and the East Side with the capital town Avesnes-sur-Helpe in the middle of the East Side (but not biggest town, the biggest one is Maubeuge on the Sambre), Fourmies is at the end of the departement with Anor, in the South East of the Arrondissement.

Aulnoye-Aymeries in the South of the Agglomeration of Maubeuge was once a big railway town with the cross of Calais-Bâle (London-Milano) and Paris-Köln-Berlin-Moscou. But now it is nowhere : the TGV is passing though Lille and Aulnoye has no more trains to Brussels, Köln and Metz like once; to go with the railway to Metz, there is only one intercity pro day from Charleville-Mézières, 100 km far away, at another hour time, you have to go to Paris to be in Metz in a short time but it is a longer way (300 km more!) and more expansive!

That is modernization, which lets this big agglomeration of 135 000 inhabitants at the side of the world.

Perle de Rosée.


You may think Pont-sur-Sambre were a really litle town,but it is part of a bigger agglomeration all along the river Sambre and the main town of this agglomeration is Maubeuge. The agglomeration is called AGGLO. It has a part in Belgium with the town of Erquelinne All along the Sambre the agglo is about 30 km long and there is almost no country land betwwen the towns.
Without its belgian part the Agglo is the 58th agglomeration of France.
The Lille agglomeration is the biggest of the region with 1 015 744 inhabtatns
Then Douai-Lens is the 10th of France and the second of the Region with 509 093 inhabitants.

samedi, juin 23, 2012

Horloge de l'ancien hôtel de ville d'Aulnoye-Aymeries. 

Perle de Rosée

This is the clock of the ancient townhall of Aulnoye-Aymeries.


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dimanche, septembre 04, 2011

UFOS on Pont-sur-Sambre

I do not know what you think about this but some lights coming in five or six series by little groups were flying after a thunderstorm over the roofs of Pont-sur-Sambre, all in silence; we do not know what they are. They were flying from the south-southwest to the east-north-east and made a curve above the roofs of the houses on the left of the foto and desapeared over the roofs behind the houses. It was about one o'clock at night, french summer time.

The street lights are big on the photo made from inside of a car and the UFOS are her only a few points (I think three points) in the sky in the background.

On the right it is a street lamp, and the big light is a car.

The UFOS are three little points in the sky. My photo is not very good in cause of the street lights and the car coming, but if you click two times an the photo you can become a zoom, and then you see them on the left and on the left above the roofs, flying paralell to them. But they were not white, but of an orange colour. My photo is not very good.

But on my video, one can see nothing!! I didn't made it a the right time!

If you see good on the vidéo, there is a little point in the middle of the sky, and they were no star, because the weather was very bad, I saw too two thunderstorm lightnings while the UFOS were flying, they came from the left to the right but were in the background of the sky and went to the left following the roof line on the left and then disappeared in the direction of the gardens behind the houses as they were at the half of the line of houses on the left. The voice you can hear on the vidéo can be the one of my husband coming just when I was filming but we do not understand what he's saying but he saw also the last group of UFOS coming very slowly, and crossing the sky. First he saw it were an ULM (little plane for one person), with three lights,but it was too far for an ULM. The lights were bigger than the one you see on the middle of the vidéo and orange; we can see also white coloures places, but they are the rain drops on the glass of the car.

Perle de Rosée

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mardi, juillet 20, 2010

We love trees

Some people in the city Notre-Dame want to cut the trees down because they say the leaves of the trees are guilty for the overfloading of the garages of last 14th July. But people are not puting away the dead leaves of their gullies so that they are themselves guilty for the overfloading of their garages.

We love the trees and we do not want that they are cut down.

Perle de Rosée

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lundi, juillet 19, 2010

Big storm

There were a big storm on Pont-sur-Sambre the Avesnois at the beginning of the afternoon of the 14th July. Broken window-glasses, fallen trees, and so on...

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dimanche, août 16, 2009

Bird with tall legs at the Sambre

I do not know exactly what's the name of this bird in english (in french it is a héron), we saw at the edge of the Sambre two weeks ago, but it is very seldom to see such a bird here. Click on the picture to see it bigger and see good the bird.

perle de rosée

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vendredi, mai 22, 2009

Big rain and storm on the Aulnoye railway station

It was last week a so big storm in the railway station, that we staid a while in the underground way of the station, because the rain was so strengthful, we could get wet of it.


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vendredi, novembre 07, 2008

What are they doing to the trees?

It is just now autumn and the trees you"ve already seen on my blog as they had a bad time with short cut branchs have grown a little in two years and have taken a beautiful round form. Not for long : as you see the car with the cutting knife is one more time her, and is cutting again the branchs and right now when the leaves are already beautiful autumn leaves for a little time.
They are no electric wires so that there is no reason to cut these trees. Thinking of the forest and the parks destroyed by the tornado, and the people in the neighbor towns weeping for their houses and trees, we cannot understand why they want always cut these trees right here were I live.
Why do they cut their trees? Some house-women who have no professional life and are not studying and are the whole day cleaning their houses are complaining that they have to sweep the leaves every day from their outdoor stairs and their pavements.
As I was young I lived in a big town and they were almost no trees and we were searching some corners with trees, some squares and parks to look at trees.
So I went to love very much the trees.
We had a neighbour woman who came from the country-side, she was cleaning the whole day her house and the leaves and did not like my mother with her sapins and who made a lot of photos of the blooming trees in front of her house. And who loved the birds and gave to eat to the cats of the town district.
Hope they shall not cut at all the trees at the back or the houses which have magnifiscent leaves.
I do no more hear the saws, perharps I already won... the blogosphere is something good.
dominique, perle de rosée
Look how they shall look in a few hours if they are continuing to cut them :
Image one click here
And at spring if they are continuing to cut them :
image two click here
A tree which lost the half of its branches two years ago. I made alone a demonstration in my garden with portraits of birds I drawed in my hedge and putting some bird houses in my hedge, and they abandoned their work... (I phoned also the regional natur park to which we belong).
The magnifiscent trees on the back. image four and five click here.
perle de rosée
Click on the image to see better the car with the long saw.

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mercredi, novembre 05, 2008

Thank you, Bunny Hero!

I asked for help by Bunny Hero for my duckie, and look and hear, Duckie has again her voice!
Thank you for technical help, Bunny Hero!
The Hero of Pont-sur-Sambre is not alone our giant Jeanjean : it is also duckie!
perle de rosée

mardi, novembre 04, 2008

Duckie has no more voice....????

This morning I had to search one photo with an URL for an exercice of computer work at the university (I'm old, but I go always to the university), I looked to my blog and unfortunaly I let it in the historic and now I am finding two difficulties coming this evening again on it :
1) I had difficulties to connect with my account.
2) Duckie has no more voice, do not make any more Couac when clicking on its nozzle and no more Clap Clap when eating.
Who can say how to give her voice to my duckie. I give her some strokes but it do not match. Why refuse now Duckie speaking with me?
I does not come from my computer, because my computer has sounds.
perle de rosée

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vendredi, septembre 12, 2008

No more place

There is no more place to publish photos on this profile, so I shall only write about Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois until we must pay also for writing. My husband do not want I pay on Internet in cause of hackers who can find the payment cards code, so I cannot more publish anymore photos on Blogger, because we must pay for the room on Picasa Albums if we want to put more photos on our blogs.

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dimanche, août 31, 2008

He had to change his photos which were looking like mine

You asking yourself why I put the message below, but the man had to change his photos (published on his blog) which looked a little lot like mine! So they do no more appear on his blog. Victory of the (city daily) photographers to defend their rights on photograph property!
perle de rpsée

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One french blogger finds his inpiration on my blog

On this blog I found one photo lookin strange like mine :
Here the first : This clouds although they are less and the sky is bluer is looking strange like mine, especially the little cloud between the middle and the right seems to be the same. And the inclination of the mountain left seems to be the same as the inclination of the roof of the houses; I know exactly where I made this photo. The man begun his blog on 2008, July and I published my photo on 2006, December....
The blog of the man : The photo of the clouds is at the bottom of the blog.
(I put this adress away, because there were no more link under it)

My photo of 2008 December

For the photo of the leaves below on his blog (link above here) , although the photo is not the same, he found his inspiration on my blog (look at my photo of 2007, November

So you can see on the first photo (the clouds), I fear it is a modification of my photo, you know modifications without allowing are forbidden.

perle de rosée/dominique/dominika

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jeudi, août 07, 2008


I do not publish right now because there is a problem of space in my computer, and until I made place I cannot put the new photos in my computer; I cannot take the risk of a another computer crash if I have not enough place to let the system going well.
Four days ago there were a tornado in the village just after Pont-sur-Sambre along the Sambre, but it was said in the newspaper to-day the tornado took its birth in Pont-sur-Sambre, some people, living along the road to Bavay, about 300m away from our home, at the entrance of Pont at 200m high, said something with many colours with an explosion noise coming from the ground just before their eyes and going to the sky making a way in their garden, destroying a part of a corn field, and going away to the cemetery making injury to some graves and then flying above the country land came to the next village Boussières-sur-Sambre making there injury to some houses, came to Hautmont where it destroyed a whole town district and went in the direction of Maubeuge, the main town in the aera, where it let some roofs flying and some injuries to the houses and the zoological garden, where some birds and animals took their freedom and went take a walk or the flight in the streets of the town. The tornado went until another cemetery in the North of Maubeuge, where it take an end, about 10km away from the first cemetery.
There were 3 death and 17 wounded people. Among the dead people there is a man from the township of Haumont and his wife : their houses crashed above them.
Just before the tornado we came from the sea, and saw a light as we went with the trein to the railway-station, but there were no rain, the whole day it was much wind near the sea about 150 km away from home, and so we were not afraid of the wind as we came home.
A little time afterwards there were storm with a continue white-blue lightning, but without thunder, which is called magnetic storm, we didn't hear from here the noise like an explosion which the people who saw the birth of the tornado heard, but there were a big rain, much silent lightning, and much wind, but here and in the middle of the Pont-sur-Sambre town, there were no injuries to house and people. Only in the fields and houses on the hill at 200 meter of high above (here we are at 170m of high) in the direction of Bavay and Maubeuge.
There were many thunderstormes during these last weeks and this afternoon there was another thunderstorm only with a little rain but big lights and noise. But this summer we have thunderstroms almost every day, but the most of them are in the far.
It is very rare that we get a tornado here. The last one was in ¨Pommereuil at the south of Bois L'évêque and the Mormal forest 1967.
Also we are waiting the next one in 40 years!
dominique and perle de rosée
Links :
After the tornado : diaporama on You Tube (not our photos)
Big disaster in Hautmont : film (not our film)
I made no photos in Hautmont and no photos of the tornado disasters, I think nobody filmed the tornado itself because it came too quickly.
Please if some of my compatriots look at this blog do not worry about my english language, I make this blog since more than two years (since march 2006), you cannot replace me on it, but write your remarks in my comments.

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mardi, juillet 08, 2008

Garden of Roses

Garden of roses in Pont-sur-Sambre

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vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

Seasons : Summer Time in Pont-sur-Sambre

I photographed many times this place. Now the trees have grown and you cannot see anymore the blue bridge!

perle de rosée

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