dimanche, septembre 04, 2011

UFOS on Pont-sur-Sambre

I do not know what you think about this but some lights coming in five or six series by little groups were flying after a thunderstorm over the roofs of Pont-sur-Sambre, all in silence; we do not know what they are. They were flying from the south-southwest to the east-north-east and made a curve above the roofs of the houses on the left of the foto and desapeared over the roofs behind the houses. It was about one o'clock at night, french summer time.

The street lights are big on the photo made from inside of a car and the UFOS are her only a few points (I think three points) in the sky in the background.

On the right it is a street lamp, and the big light is a car.

The UFOS are three little points in the sky. My photo is not very good in cause of the street lights and the car coming, but if you click two times an the photo you can become a zoom, and then you see them on the left and on the left above the roofs, flying paralell to them. But they were not white, but of an orange colour. My photo is not very good.

But on my video, one can see nothing!! I didn't made it a the right time!

If you see good on the vidéo, there is a little point in the middle of the sky, and they were no star, because the weather was very bad, I saw too two thunderstorm lightnings while the UFOS were flying, they came from the left to the right but were in the background of the sky and went to the left following the roof line on the left and then disappeared in the direction of the gardens behind the houses as they were at the half of the line of houses on the left. The voice you can hear on the vidéo can be the one of my husband coming just when I was filming but we do not understand what he's saying but he saw also the last group of UFOS coming very slowly, and crossing the sky. First he saw it were an ULM (little plane for one person), with three lights,but it was too far for an ULM. The lights were bigger than the one you see on the middle of the vidéo and orange; we can see also white coloures places, but they are the rain drops on the glass of the car.

Perle de Rosée

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