dimanche, juin 03, 2007

Sunset at the edge of Bois L'Evêque

I took this photo as the same place like before, only that it was towards the West and in the West the sun was going to sleep under a veil of light clouds. With our car we escape to the West, because the wind was going to blow very strong at this place and I was frightened that there would be a tornado like at the end of the sixties, or at the beginning of the seventies.
My web-friend Mari of Sachsen likes sunsets, so I dedicace this picture to her (Widmung an Mari). It would be good to write here a poem of Rilke or of Theodor Storm.
perle de rosée

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samedi, juin 02, 2007

Before the storm (at the edge of Bois L'Evêque Wood)

For a few days we went to the edge of the forest of Bois L'évêque, as we saw some big clouds we decided to left as soon as possible the forest to go home. At the edge of the forest I stopped my car, to make this photo towards to the wood. It is a right lonely and wild country here at the South West of Landrecies. In the village on the other side of the wood there were for years (1968) a big storm (tornado) at which the whole country is remembering to-day. So that we were my husband and I very frightened as we saw this clouds especially the blue one on the left and as a strong wind begun to blow. You can see there is also a bird in the sky !
I dedicace this photo to my web-friend Elisabeth, because she made walks to this edge of the forest with her grandmother as she was a child.
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vendredi, juin 01, 2007

Theme day : A view from my bedroom's window

Here is the theme day of the City Daily Phtographers for the 1st of Juny : A look from my bedroom window : And here you can have all what you can see from bedroom's window of Daily Photographers : first Hyde and because I'm lazy the links are on Hyde's post.
And here you can have something very different : in Moscow, Russia or in Boston, USA.
Where do you prefer to live ?
Perle de Rosée

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