samedi, juillet 08, 2006

140. The Café O'Campeones in Pont-sur-Sambre.

There are only a few cafés in Pont-sur-Sambre. I did show you already the Café de la Tour. Not far away just at the crossroad with the tower is this Café O'Campeones, where you can not only drink something but buy also some newspapers and smokers (I am no one) can buy also cigarettes. the sign-board for this is a red onion you can see on the right. You can here also play loto or bet on horses (the Tiercé). At the top of the house you can see this round holes which were windows. In Pont-sur-Sambre the roof-windows have this form, but they have other forms in other towns.

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Now we are sailing the pacific Coast to the USA a little more to the North, and we are looking at the first photo album about Seattle. This is of Rose. (Now it is of Kim, but perhaps there are two Seattle blogs ?).

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Seattle is in the State of Washington, not to confuse with the City of Washington on the other Atlancic Coast.

There were also a Seattle photo blog which has no more new photos.

Perle de Rosée.