lundi, juillet 03, 2006

136. A "niche" in a wall in the Main Street.

You can look here at what is called in french a "niche" (A "Niche" is also employed for a dog-house). A "niche" is a hole in the wall of houses in which you can find somewhat like a little chappell. In the past people liked to pray the saints and the Virgin Mary staying before such chappells. There are statues in them and people bring flowers. And there is a gatter so that the statue cannot be stolen. This "niche" here is in the main street and the statue is the one of the Virgin Mary, I think the sort of recipient above is for the Holy Water.This "niche" is in the Main Street in Pont-sur-Sambre.
Perle de Rosée
Posted by Perle de Rosée at 3th July 2006, 4:18 PM GMT + 2.
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