mardi, juillet 25, 2006

150. The lake of the Val Joly ( The Lake of the Beautiflul Valley)

  • 150. The lake of the Val Joly (Lake of the beautiful valley)
  • I already toke this picture in winter and in the beginning of the night (It is the blue photo here) - (The link will be made again late).
  • Now I have taken the same photo in the evening as it was still light and in summer. This lake of the Val Joly is a lake with a dam. The dam was first previewed to produce electricity and also to avoid the floadings of the winter and of the summerly thunderstorm weather. Before this dam lake existed, there were great overfloading of the Helpe Majeure (I already said somewhere two affluents of the Sambre flows though the Avesnois, they are the Helpe Majeure which flows thouth this lake and the capital town of the Avesnois, Avesnes-sur-Helpe, and the Helpe Mineure which flows through Fourmies. The two Helpes are like in music major and minor.
    So, the Helpe Majeure becomes in this lake a regulation of its level to avoid floadings in Avesnes and also then in the Sambre, for exemple here in Pont-sur-Sambre and in Maubeuge. But sometimes it is possible that the water comes over the dam, by great rain or thunderstorm, so that there are although all this floadings. So, the people who works there which are nowadays only a few, must make a little level in the lake and let a part of the water flows slowly outdoor, when a big thunderstorm or several days rain of snow are previewed.
    But since a long time the lake is also used for sailing boats and since a few years it is a big center for leisure and water sports.
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