jeudi, octobre 18, 2007

Sunrise over Pont-sur-Sambre....

To get the green light of the sunrise on this morning I made a little video film with my cool pix, to get out of it some photos, because the color with the photo camera was too blue-violet and and the colour of the video was more according to the real green colour of the sky. We have here often a green sky just before the sun is coming over the horizon line, but it is not a aurora like one can see in Scandinavia or in Canada, but I think than more in the North here than the big Canadian towns, it is the wet oceanic weather which make that we can see no right aurora. Or they would be behind the clouds.

Here another photo of an Aurora (in Alaska) I found on Apod Search Result. I can compare the colour of the winter sky here in the morning with the green light beam of this picture.
Sky direction of the three photos here above : North East, East, North. 7:36 AM (summer time) october, 10th 2007.
Auroras (Polarlichter, Aurores Boréales) over Germany, Swiss and Austria, in Thomas Sävert Photo Gallery.
The Auroras can be seen often until a latitude of 65° North. But one can see them a few days in the year until 50° North. Pont-sur-Sambre is on 50° North. And the town the most in the North of France, Dunkerque at 51° North. More in the South it is very seldom to see an aurora, but in Germany, Austria and Swiss they already saw some Auroras.

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