mercredi, novembre 15, 2006

251. Some highlights in the South East of the Forest.

I photographed this map on the sign-board here or there. On the South-East of the Forest, the river Sambre is flowing next along the edge of it. And also the railway - it was not a long time ago 10 years ago, before the TGV (high speed train) goes through Lille- on an important line between Paris and Bruxelles.
The places drawn in red are some highlights of the forest. In the North-east of the picture, the Auberge du Croisil, one of the few inns you can find in the forest and where you can eat very good local cooking "s meals.
The little place drawn in red is the Carrefour de l'Ermitage. The roads are very straight in the forest and the important crossroads have often six or eight branches with foot paths and roads for cars.
In the west of the picture, you see a big red square. It is a place with two highlights, the Etang David or David's pool and the Arboretum of the Etang David, a big tree collection where you can see this (click on the word this.)
perle de rosée
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