samedi, juin 10, 2006

113. The sky with the ancient brewery sign and chimney.

You know I'm non-alcoholic (I drink no alcohol), but ancient sign-boards are beautiful, particularly when they are rising into the sky like this one. It is the sign of the ancient brewery of Pont-sur-Sambre (The brewery no more exist, only the house). This house is in the middle of the town, near the nautic base.
Perle de Rosée


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Melbourne, Australie

Now, we are sailing from Japan to another continent Oceania, where the biggest Isle is Australia. And there we are sailing along the coast to Melbourne where we are finding again (we saw him already one time in Moscow) Michael Blamey. The name of his blog about Melbourne is Melbourne Today.
Perle de Rosée

Perle de Rosée

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