mercredi, décembre 19, 2007

Floods of the Sambre in Pont-sur-Sambre

Just before the freezing time came, they were some floods of the river Sambre like here, behind the Cité Notre-Dame, in Pont-sur-Sambre. You can see how the meadows were getting some water. Behind on the left you can see also the blue bridge or Pont de Quartes, the one near the church. It was no great floods, this little floods arrived often in autumn and winter. In the nineties we had one time a flood during two weeks where all three bridges of Pont-sur-Sambre and the one between Aulnoye and Berlaimont was under water, so that we had to ride to Maubeuge to get a dry bridge. And make forty kilometers.
Perle de Rosée

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