mercredi, décembre 06, 2006

272. My every-day road (3) : Waiting at a signalisation red light for works on the road

During about two months (November-December) there were a red signalisation light for cars on my every day road between Sains-du-Nord and Fourmies in cause of works on the road. I had to wait there between half an hour and three quarters hours. Sometimes I took other roads but with the complicated country land small roads web, it was not easier and did not go faster. Here as I took the photo, I was on the first place, but there are still one kilometer of cars waiting behind me. The waiting time at such a red light is always very long, because there is a security wait time after the last car of the other side is passed by. So that I had always to get 3/4 of an hour sooner out of the bed.

Perle de Rosée


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