jeudi, juin 08, 2006

112. Tell me the town... Raconte-moi la Ville.

Tell me the town four times... I don't know why but this picture of a sign-board in Pont-sur-Sambre which stands near the Nautic Base came in four times although I tried only two times to send it.It is a sign-board of the river navy of France (voies navigables françaises) to explain the people which are coming out of their boats what is to do or to see in the town, where they can buy something to eat and drink and so on...Here you see how Pont-sur-Sambre is lying in a meander (curve) of the Sambre. On this picture you can see two of the three bridges, but one can see it better on the next picture.
Perle de Rosée.
Posted by perle de rosée to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 6/08/2006 11:58:00 PM
The virtual travel of Perle-de-Rosée
From Tokyo I'm sailing on my virtual boat to the North Isle of Japan, where I'm finding Midnitebara with her blog of the daily photos from the town of Akita : Akita Daily Photo.
Perle de Rosée

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