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What are they doing to the trees?

It is just now autumn and the trees you"ve already seen on my blog as they had a bad time with short cut branchs have grown a little in two years and have taken a beautiful round form. Not for long : as you see the car with the cutting knife is one more time her, and is cutting again the branchs and right now when the leaves are already beautiful autumn leaves for a little time.
They are no electric wires so that there is no reason to cut these trees. Thinking of the forest and the parks destroyed by the tornado, and the people in the neighbor towns weeping for their houses and trees, we cannot understand why they want always cut these trees right here were I live.
Why do they cut their trees? Some house-women who have no professional life and are not studying and are the whole day cleaning their houses are complaining that they have to sweep the leaves every day from their outdoor stairs and their pavements.
As I was young I lived in a big town and they were almost no trees and we were searching some corners with trees, some squares and parks to look at trees.
So I went to love very much the trees.
We had a neighbour woman who came from the country-side, she was cleaning the whole day her house and the leaves and did not like my mother with her sapins and who made a lot of photos of the blooming trees in front of her house. And who loved the birds and gave to eat to the cats of the town district.
Hope they shall not cut at all the trees at the back or the houses which have magnifiscent leaves.
I do no more hear the saws, perharps I already won... the blogosphere is something good.
dominique, perle de rosée
Look how they shall look in a few hours if they are continuing to cut them :
Image one click here
And at spring if they are continuing to cut them :
image two click here
A tree which lost the half of its branches two years ago. I made alone a demonstration in my garden with portraits of birds I drawed in my hedge and putting some bird houses in my hedge, and they abandoned their work... (I phoned also the regional natur park to which we belong).
The magnifiscent trees on the back. image four and five click here.
perle de rosée
Click on the image to see better the car with the long saw.

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At mer. nov. 19, 02:12:00 PM 2008, Anonymous elisabeth said...

Ah c'est près de chez toi, je veux dire en face. J'espère qu'ils ne vont pas complètement couper les arbres, seulement les branches ? Dans ma rue ils coupent les branches que tous les deux ans.
Bon courage pour tes études.

At mar. mars 31, 06:34:00 PM 2009, Blogger cat said...

be entertained


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