lundi, décembre 17, 2007

What's 'this? An UFO? The wheel of the bus?

At the morning of the 9 December we had to take the bus to go to Germany to the Christmas Market. The place where we had to take the bus is 40 km far from home, so that I went there with my car. But it was right windy and it was fallen rivers of rain, so that we came to late for the bus. Three minutes to late... We had to take the bus at 6 am and we came at 6:03 am to the place where we had to take the bus and it was no more there!
In cause of the rain and wind, I decided to wait on the sunrise to go home and while waiting in my car I took this photo when looking to the high from the window of my car... What can it be??? (The photo is a little blur.) Do not fear, it is no UFO, it is a real thing. Answer in a next post.
Perle de Rosée

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