dimanche, novembre 18, 2007

New mountains appearing at the horizon...

Yesterday when driving to Fourmies, there were something strange; some new mountains were rising at the horizon in the East!!! And this during thirty kilometers. I think there were clouds which looked at the horizon like mountains, or a special optical effect due to the clear iced sky which made the Ardennes coming nearer to us, although we never saw until this day the Ardennes, from which we are the first slopes, from the Avesnois. Or the Vosges coming nearer though a reflection in the sky but there are three hundred kilometers far, so I think it is not possible. Although I saw already the Alpes from the plain of Alsacia (four hundred kilometers far from here) at a distance of two hundred kilometers. Or they were a great earthquake in Belgium (it is the direction of Belgium) which made the Ardennes becoming suddenly higher! But nobody heard of it at radio or TV!!! I do not know what it was. Probably clouds.
But all was looking to be nearer yesterday. For example the moon on the way to home was very big in its first quater and flat on the back of its crescent, so that I thought it was not the moon but an UFO (my husband said : "No, no, it is the moon!"), but I was so afraid of the aspect of the moon, that I didn't stop to make a photo. The big red crescent had also its back turned to the earth. We say it is a reversed moon.
However, on the outward drive, I made photos, and although it was a drive I made a few years ago without fear, I find so many things getting strange on this way, that I am often frightened. I stopped my car in Sains-du-Nord to make these photos of the "new mountains". Thus the blue mountain ridge, you see in the background don't exist usually. It was very strange because there where a place on the blue ridge where you can see some meadows and they were during thirty kilometers at the same place. The road is going at this place to the South-East.

Perle de Rosée
Measures on the bird flight (french à vol d'oiseau)
Sains-du-Nord to the Vosges (region of the Donon with 1000m high) : 290km
Vosges (Riquewihr) to Berner Oberland (I saw already very well the Alps from Riquewihr at the East side of Vosges) : 180km (Berner Oberland unto 4000m high)

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At dim. nov. 18, 10:09:00 PM 2007, Anonymous elisabeth said...

Toi qui a l'habitude de passer sur cette route, tu as remarqué tout de suite l'effet d'optique.


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