samedi, décembre 02, 2006

268. Christmas tales in Fourmies

At the 2nd december I am reading Christmas tales and singing Christmas songs for the children in Fourmies, at the time of the Telethon, an action against a genetic lung desease, called in french "mucoviscidose". The town friendship commitee Fourmies-Bernburg (Germany) made a big work for the decoration of the room (the entrance hall of the theater) making the house of the Santa Claus. The lively Santa Claus (the one you see is not lively) made the voice of Santa Claus in the tales, and I read the tales and was making all other voices. Children could come as they wanted, sit down, and listen, and answer at the questions about the following of the tales, and hear afterwards at the real end. I improvised also about a little red cap girl whose story was in December, in the snow, the wolf appeared first behind the snow man she built in the wood, and so on... The choir of the adult pupils I teach in german on Saturdays sang with me some Christmas songs together. We had a good afternoon. This photo was made by my husband while I was reading a tale.

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