vendredi, novembre 24, 2006

260. An Old Castle of the old brick factory ?

When road builders are making excavations it can arrive that some old ruins or buildings reappeared. I ask myself when I was making the picture on this link what was this building which looked as a roman or medieval castle. Somebody came on the french translation of this blog and said to me it is an old brick factory and not old. So if it is so and from the 19th century, well. Many factories where built in the 19th century in a middle-age style. But I do not know if it is not older. To have an old medieval or roman castle in Aulnoye-Aymeries, which is a town built in the two last centuries were not bad. Perharps... The stones of which the building is made seem to be very old and are however no bricks. Somebody put some medieval signs on it.
As I was making this photo I met a man going to the shop at the side of it. As I was asking to him what this building is, he answered to me the food reserve of the shop, not paying attention to the form of the building !
So, I think people have not the taste for old buidings. However what it is, I find this building very interesting and somewhat strange because it is not in the style or the rest of the town. I find this building has to stay and one has to search what it was before it was a brick factory.
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