dimanche, octobre 22, 2006

225. An old wall in Aulnoye.

I do not know what exactly is this wall. I discover it behind a house they demolished to make the bridge of which I spook on other photos of this week. It looks like an old town-wall, but I never heard before of somewhat like this here. It is not far from the Roman Road which is coming from Bavay over Pont-sur-Sambre where the Roman road cross the river at the bridge of Pont-à-Pont and then a little further block on the railway to come out on the other side and leads to the road crossing of the Attoque which is not far from this wall. I find one have to do some archeological excavations to look if there is here no important ruins, tools or jewels in the ground. So, it is perhaps no Roman Wall, but I would like it were one... the counstruction looks also like the Vauban Rempart of Le Quesnoy which are of the XVIIth century, much later. As I looked at this wall, I saw the stones have no cement to let them hold together.
The Roman Road goes then following the road from the crossroad of the Attoque to St Rémy-Chaussée and goes then over to the road "NAtional 2" where it is perhaps the way to Lutèce (Lutecia = Paris) or to Reims.
Perle de Rosée


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