jeudi, novembre 02, 2006

238. Panorama on Trieux.

This picture was made on a side street leading to the car entrance of my college (secundary school where I teach). The college is built on a hill over the Helpe mineure which flows though Fourmies on the North edge of the valley. Trieux, the town district of Fourmies whose church one can see on the picture is also on the hills of the North edge on Fourmies. It is a worker's town district. In the town district of Trieux, there is another college. The electric wires are those of the railway which is passing near the college, so that like cows do also, we can look at the trains. The railway is here on the same high like the college and goes thereafter over a big bridge which pass the Helpe Valley (the Helpe Mineure is there in the underground of the town) and one of the largest street of the town.
Perle de Rosée

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