lundi, octobre 16, 2006

219. The cement bridge upon the railway.

This cement bridge is about four kms far from here. It stands in Aulnoye-Aymeries. Like you can see, it is not so large like the road, so that they decided to make a new bridge at the left side of this one to let go the cars which are riding in the other direction. I don't know exactly when was built the cement bridge over the railway (the only bridge in Aulnoye-Aymeries where you can drive or go over the railway). The other passage over the railway is a double level crossing where one must wait a very long time called the passages à niveau de Cayenne. Since the seventies I live in this region of the North, and they are still speaking to make a new bridge instead of the level crossings there too. However they are making here much new things : a new college, a new bridge, and so on... It is much for this little town of about 10 000 inhabitants.
I must say something about the houses on the left. At the time I write the blog, there are no more there... they were demolished a few days ago so that I have to take now the same photo without the houses !

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