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216. The church St Pierre in Fourmies.

Among some of the eldest and beautifulest houses of Fourmies which has in contrary many houses of the industrial era, is built this new church St Pierre. At the time where there were on this place which is the place where 9 workers were killed from the armee by the demonsrations of the first May 1991, an event which is called in French "La Fusillade de Fourmies", when the armee shot on the crowd of the workers, there were another eldest church in red bricks. Here on this place was the town hall of this time. It is now the house of justice for work and problems between workers or employees and bosses, when a worker or an employee thinks to be the victim of an injustice of his boss. I speak of this event in another place of my blog.
Perle de Rosée
Another picture of the church St Pierre, taken in winter.
Other pictures taken on the same place.
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Perle de Rosée


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Why did they make of my tower a Pisa tower. As I published it, it was straight.


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