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190. La Maison du Conseil des Prud'hommes (Fourmies)

Here you can see the house of the counceel of the "Prud'hommes", in Fourmies. In the nineteen century it was the town hall, but another bigger townhall is now to find on the market square. Here is the to-day town hall. The ancient town-hall here is a beautiful building, but it was also the theatre of dramatic events at May, 1st, 1891, as the armee killed 9 men who was making a demonstration for the day of work on the 1st of May.
Nowadays it is a house with a justice court for work purpuses, like when a worker lost his job unfairly. Then the worker or the employee comes to this court to get his job again. Or to ask money to his boss for the unfair treatment.
Perle de Rosée
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Now, we are travelling though the Pacific and we are visting first the North Pacific where we are finding the isle of Haway, where we are finding Nicolas and his photos. He has just an outage with his computer, so that while we are waiting that it is repaired, we can look at the ancient photos of his blog. Honolulu Daily Photo.
Perle de Rosée.
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