lundi, mai 22, 2006

95. The townhall of Fourmies : the day of Europe.

At the day of Europe the Comittee for the Sistership between Fourmies (France) and Bernburg (Germany) organized something for the children. They had to let go in the air about two hundred fifty baloons. In four times not to disturb the flight of airplanes. Before, children had to read in the microphone a text about each country of the European Union. The wind was very strong and the baloons went very quick and very high in the sky. Belgium is not far, but it is posssible that baloons went to other countries.
At the same time as the baloons were sent towards the sky was played the european hymn, the Ode at the Joy of Ludwig van Beethoven from the 9th Symphony of him.
At the frontipiesce of the french republic : Liberty (Freedom), Equality, Brotherhood. It is an heritage of the french revolution of 1789. In France it is written on each townhall-frontipiece.
Almost all the children who was there during the Day of Europe are learning german in the primary schools of Rourmies and its surrounding aera.

Perle de Rosée.
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Perle de Rosée.