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154. The "Cité Bel-Air" in Pont-sur-Sambre

One person who lived in Pont-sur-Sambre in the Sixties asked me to post to my blog (the comment is on the french blog) a photo of "the Cité Bel-Air" where he had a friend who lived here (He lived also in Pont-sur-Sambre a few years during his childhoold). On this photo, you can see one range of houses in the Cité Bel Air and the church of Pont. This "Cité" is built in the high. It was built by the national electricity company of France called E.D.F. (Electricité de France) at the beginning of the Sixties. Now the electricity production Unity is on the way to be full put on the ground, while they shall build another which win electricity out gas. The ancient one won electricity out of coal.
Here also is the same building principe as the "coron". Here in Pont, they called these corons, cités (or citys) All the people of the same factory live in the same town district and have the same house (principe of equality), these houses were for workers and employees with family, the workers and employees which were alone lived in apartment houses called "Celibatorium". The engineers had more greater houses at the edge of a wood just next to the factory.
The "Cité Bel Air" is now called "Résidence Bel Air".
Here I explain what is a "coron" : 1.
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