mardi, août 08, 2006

152. Industrial Past in Fourmies

I 've already spoken of the industrial past of Fourmies in other post like these ones : 1, 2.

Here you can see when looking at this houses of the industry era (end of the nineteenth of first half of the twentieth century) what was made for the workers. The workers lived in these "corons" -one speak often of the "corons" in the coal mine region, 40 until 100km northly or northwestly from here. The modern "corons" are now called "cités". This "coron" was built for the glas workers of the black glas factory, from which I speak in other articles. You can see when clicking on this photo to make it bigger, that the houses have beautiful ornamental details on their front part. In each house lived a worker family. Mostly they had in the nineteenth century no water and electricity, but they had water in the yard between the houses. In other towns like in Roubaix in the region of Lille, the yards around which were built the houses were smaller.
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