mardi, juin 13, 2006

116. Somewhere in the Avesnois (3)

I took this photo in Sains-du-Nord. It is in a little town between Avesnes-sur-Helpe (the capital town of the Avesnois) and Fourmies. Sains-du-Nord is on the road between the two towns of Avesnes-sur-Helpe and Fourmies.
Perle de Rosée, posted June 13, 1:56.

The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée :
The second link on a blog of Sydney is these on the blog of Sally, who makes also a blog of Sydney, but with other photos : Sydney (nearly) Daily Photo.
Perle de Rosée, posted June 13, 1:20.

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At ven. nov. 03, 05:03:00 PM 2006, Anonymous sally said...

Gee thanks, perle!
I am now looking at all your photos. I love all things France!
Happy Day.
Posted by Sally of Sydney to Pont-sur-Sambre Daily Photo at 6/13/06 02:18:22 PM.
(re-edit by Perle de Rosée)

At ven. nov. 03, 05:06:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Kris said...

wonderful greenery
Posted by Kris to Pont-sur-Sambre Daily Photo at the 6/14/2006 at 12:32:55 PM.


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