dimanche, juin 11, 2006

114. How far is it ?

This is a sign-board for the people who are coming from far away with their boats on the river. On it you can see all what they can do or have or buy in each town where there is a nautic base in the aera. And how far it is to the next nautic base. You can read here that there is a river harbour in Berlaimont. It is 4 km away (with the curves of the river), and on the other side in Boussières-sur-Sambre 10 km away (by road it is only four or five kms). There you can only drink a cup of coffee.
To-day I went to the department Aisne (Picardie) to hear a baroc music concert. Before I went home I made a project that I had since a few weeks. To look how many kms there is from the department North to the department Ardennes. The place where we went in the Aisne was only 11 kms away from the department Ardennes (Region Champagne-Ardennes). In this department you can find some mountains until 500 meters high (or 600?). To the border of the North to the border of the Ardennes there are only 27 km to drive through a little part of the Aisne. It is not very far. From the border between Aisnes and Ardennes (it means from the border from the North-East of Picadie to the border of the North-West of Champagne, to here in Pont-sur-Sambre, there are only 62km. Also is Pont-sur-Sambre is nearer to the overnext region Champagne-Ardennes) as to the capital of our region North-Pas de Calais !!!! Lille is 100 km in the North-East of here, and I think 85 km far from Fourmies and Anor, the towns which are the most in the South-East of the North.
Perle de Rosée
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We are looking now at an other blog of Michael Blamey, it is ST KILDA TO-DAY. St Kilda is in Melbourne, also on the ocean and from there you can look at Melbourne.
Perle de Rosée
Perle de Rosée

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