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102. The Gilles of La Louvière in Berlaimont.

Now is coming the end of the Carnival. On almost each carnival here the Gilles are coming and throw oranges on the people. It brings happiness to get an orange. In the past when the Gilles of Binche (Belgium) were created in the 15th century, oranges were very precious and rare here and were brought by the Spains to the Lowlands. The Gilles of Binche do not leave their town because they are the eldest. Pont-sur-Sambre (4km far of Berlaimont -the centrums- neihbours in the meadows) has also its Gilles (look in the Archives of April), but they were perharps in another town at the day of the Bouzouc, so that Berlaimont called the Gilles of La Louvière (also in Belgium), to do "the Brûlage des Bosses" at the end of the defile. Now the bad ghosts of the winter are also no more there in Berlaimont.
About the Bouzouc (the two messages below) : I read in a newspaper, the Bouzouc was built at first 1924 from Louis Debionne. His son Henri restored the Bouzouc after the second World War 1948, the Bouzouc was restored again 1995, the "Professor Henri" who lives always, was then 74 years old. His grandson Sébastien found 3 years ago a system to let the Bouzouc spy smoke (like on the message below). The Bouzouc has since 2000 a son Bouzoucky, which you can see a little behind the Bouzouc on the picture below.
The comitee Gilles de Chin organize each year the defile and the eldest members of the comitee are in the Order of the Bouzouc and bear a special cloth, so that they look like mayor and concellors of the middle-age.

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At mer. avr. 10, 03:44:00 PM 2013, Anonymous elisabeth said...

Dans ma ville de naissance, les Gilles venaient de Manage puisque ma ville était jumelée avec Manage. C'était une belle fête et la 1ère fois que j'ai vu ces Gilles, c'était une grande surprise pour moi et mes soeurs. J'ai un petit poupom (7 cm) que nous avions achetés à Binche et que j'avais mis au rétroviseur de la SEAT. Je l'ai gardé, c'est un souvenir. Bon après midi !


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