dimanche, août 31, 2008

One french blogger finds his inpiration on my blog

On this blog I found one photo lookin strange like mine :
Here the first : This clouds although they are less and the sky is bluer is looking strange like mine, especially the little cloud between the middle and the right seems to be the same. And the inclination of the mountain left seems to be the same as the inclination of the roof of the houses; I know exactly where I made this photo. The man begun his blog on 2008, July and I published my photo on 2006, December....
The blog of the man : The photo of the clouds is at the bottom of the blog.

(I put this adress away, because there were no more link under it)

My photo of 2008 December


For the photo of the leaves below on his blog (link above here) , although the photo is not the same, he found his inspiration on my blog (look at my photo of 2007, November


So you can see on the first photo (the clouds), I fear it is a modification of my photo, you know modifications without allowing are forbidden.

perle de rosée/dominique/dominika

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