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Houses in front of the railway-station of Aulnoye-Aymeries

Here you can see come houses in the front of the railway-station of Aulnoye-Aymeries. The house on the right has burt a few years ago. It was an hotel-restaurant. One will make of it a bank on the floor and some apartments on the the 1st or second floor. But one will take away the beautiful old walls, and I am not sure it is a good thing, because these walls have a good old architecture from the time when the railway-station of Aulnoye was a very big railway-station with the crossing of the Paris-Moscou, and the Calais-Bâle (Basel) or London-Milan (Milano).
Perle de Rosée

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At dim. juin 24, 11:27:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Here you can see on the left two café-restaurants which have the same architecture. The one with a green painting and the other is on the left of the same with the red board. During the renovation of this town district, the caffee-house of the left was pulled down. I do not know if it is an error, but I mean it is very bad to have pulled down this coffee house.
Perle de Rosée


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