vendredi, décembre 14, 2007

Waiting on the train and changing three times without leaving the railway-station

At the morning of the 7-12-07 I was waiting a long time on the trein. I must say, I had at the first time a good surprise, the trein before the trein I wanted to get was always there. 10 minutes too late. I said to myself : a good surprise, I can come 20 minutes earlier because mine is only in 30 minutes. So I was sitting in the trein and thinking to leave 20 minutes earlier. Oh! But it was more than 10 minutes and then came the controller and said : "All people has leaving the trein. This trein has a breakdown. So we had to go in the underground not to get a cold. Then they said : "Go in the other trein which is just on the same quay". So we sat again in a new trein, hoping it would leave soon the railway-station. And then, the controller said to all people : "You have to leave the trein and to take the next trein on the front quay, because this trein has also a breakdown", so we went to the other trein, the one I wanted to have at first. If I had know this before, I would have stay so long in the hall of the railway-station not to get a cold. Because we must leave the trein two times on the same quay before getting one which has no breakdown. And it was no strike. I took the photo as I was leaving the second time a trein on the same quay and you can see how the people are clothed against the cold.
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