jeudi, octobre 25, 2007

The moon over Aulnoye-Aymeries (2)

A second time on the same square, the moon over the houses of the post square. I get a green colour for the lighten things and the lighning of the moon, so that I decides to make the photo in black and white (the original is green and black). The post square is called Place Matisse, it is the place where is the market and also the square where is built the great scene of the "Secret Nights" each year in August. It is a rock festival. During it the concerts are held in several places of the town, and begun about 17/18 hours so that they finish during the night, and the streets have lighning with stars like in the Christmas time, so that Aulnoye has two Christmases in the year. Next I shall photograph the Christmas lightnings. I hope they do not be all green like it was on this picture.

Perle de Rosée

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