vendredi, juillet 13, 2007

L'abbaye de St Michel en Thiérache... - The abbey of St Michel-en-Thiérache.

Last week-end, on July 08, 2007 I was in the festival of St Michel-en-Thiérache where I made several photos. Why do I publish a photo of St Michel en Thiérache here although it is not in the Avesnois?
1) Avesnois belongs to the Thiérache, the bigger region with Thiérache of the Aisne (the one where this picture was taken), the Avesnois (arrondissement of Avesnes in the department of North), and the Thiérache of Belgium in the East of the Avesnois and the North of the part of Aines were are St Michel and Hirson. In the Thiérache of the Aisne is the town Momignies, called "entité" because it is made of several villages from which the biggest is Momignies.
2) It is not far from the border of Avesnois, about 10 kms.
3) To this festival are coming people from alle the European Region, also from the North of France where is the Avesnois, many people of the Avesnois and of the regions of Valenciennes and Lille, and also many people of Belgium and Nederlands, we hear many people speaking dutch during the festival. And also the musicians are coming from all over the world. The festival is about ancient music, especially baroc music, because in the church of the Abbey there is a beautiful renoved baroc organ. With a very good ancient sound.
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