lundi, juillet 16, 2007

Greetings from the festival : some french bread, with tea

When you go to a festival, you do not have to forget to eat. There is a big, very good eating in one of the cloister rooms of St Michel, but it is very expansive. So that to pay the big gastronomic eating each day you're going there, is a big account of money, so that we decided to take some sandwiches in the little café of the cloister (only opened during the festival). You can eat or drink a cup of coffee or tea also under free sky in the middle of the cloister (when it doesn't rain!!!). Last sunday it was very beautiful weather at first (it rained a little later), so that we could eat under free sky. In the background you can see the program of the festival and also some discs (there is also a disc shop only on festival days, with only baroc and ancient music and it is there the singers and musicians sell their discs). The plate bears an advertisement for the beer of Chimay (I do not drink alcohol at all, but it is information for other people, drinking alcohol is bad for the health). Chimay is a beautiful town with castle on the other side of the belgium border which has a contest of baroc singing at the same time than the festival of St Michel is held, so that you can go also to contest of baroc singing to Chimay during the festival. For cultural events there is a good co-operation with our friends of the next towns of Belgium, also in the Avesnois.
Perle de Rosée

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