mardi, octobre 24, 2006

227. The bridge of Aymeries.

Another cement bridge, this time above the river Sambre, which many people here call the canal although it is a river made to a canal. In the past many ships with coal or some other charges went here on the river. The path along the Sambre was made to a walking way, it was in the past to pull the boat by horses. The path is together part of the walking path around the Avesnois-Thierache called GR de Pays Tour de la Thiérache. It is also part of the Sint James' Way to Compostelle, from Hélécine in Belgium to Spain going though St Quentin and Paris called "Chemin de Compostelle".
There are so many bridge here, that I could do a thematic blog about bridges !
Perle de Rosée.