jeudi, octobre 19, 2006

222. Danger to die !

Do not fear : It is written here on the sign- board "Danger to die". I took the photo from the bridge over the railway. But I took no risk to take the photo. I was on the foot path at the side of the bridgeNo fear : On the sign-board is writen "Danger to die" in cause of the electricity which is in the wires and took the photo at a place where there is no cement bar before me. It is the end of the passenger's railway station. I'm looking in the direction of Maubeuge and Brussels (the otherdirection is to Paris). It is the ancient railway Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam or Köln. Now the TGV has taken its place and do not go more over the railway station of Aulnoye-Aymeries, but here until 15 years ago, it was a very railway crossing. And it brought many industries to the country. Now it is a region with many workless people and went the Sambre-Avesnois is a region of during development.
Perle de Rosée