jeudi, octobre 12, 2006

214. Welcome to Bavay, the roman town.

This electronic sign-board which stays at the edge of the main place of Bavay, a town which is not far away from here, only 8 kilometers, wish the welcoming to people coming to the roman town of Bavay. The roman town of Bavay is called so, bacause there are there near the church roman ruins from the first century before Chr. until the fourth century after Chr. , there are the eldest roman ruins in the North of Europe. I think the Limes which was a wall around Roman Empire was not fare from here. The sign-board says a little more than it is : Welcome to Bavay, the first archeological site in the North of Europe. And Colonia Agripina (Köln) ? And Trier ?
Perle de Rosée
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Perle de Rosée