jeudi, octobre 05, 2006

207. To be roman or not to be roman.

I made the photo of this house which has perharps windows with walls in order to be put down. But in this roman town of Bavay, the architecture of this walls speaks to me, and I asked myself if these corinthian columns and the way as the roman style windows in the upper part of the house have their bows closed on the both edge by bricks are not of the old roman style from the time of the emperors. And so it would be bad if this house which is at the entrance of the town park had to be put down without to know from what time it is. The building way although made only of bricks when the basilika of the museum is made af blue stones and bricks (it cannot be sight here because it is not allowed to to photograph in the museum aera (here is the town garden and not the museum aera), so that I shall do a link on the museum.
Bavay is only 8km away from Pont-sur-Sambre and the roman road to Reims (Remus) leads though Bavay (link in the message before : the road of the town tower), and from there to Rom.
In the surrounding area there was also a roman aqueduc, the aqueduc of Floursies, which was like the aqueduc of the Pont-du-Gard. At some place we can still see part of them.
Probably if we look what is in the caves of the old houses of Bavay, we could have some surprises.
Perle de Rosée