dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

182. Water Reserve

I don't know exactly what's this water pump or reserve is exactly, but I saw these agricultural tool behind the Cité de Bel air in Pont-sur-Sambre. It is water for my lost Duck Duckie. Perharps she's coming again to my blog !
I'm sorry not to answer on the comments you put on my blog but the entry to the comments of my own blog is blocked on my blog, so that I cannot give answers. Thank you at Szentes Daily Photo to show me other ducks as my lost Duckie. A script comes each time I want to look at my blog on the Temporary Internet Files of my computer that make that I cannot look at Duckie and give her to eat, and I cannot open the comment window to answer the comments. On the other blogs I cannot comment as Perle de Rosée. The comment falls each time.
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