dimanche, août 20, 2006

161. Channel Story

To-day we were also at sea. In the North Country (Nord-Pas de Calais) also. But at the coast of the Channel, the sea beween England and France. The department Pas-de-Calais of our region Pas-de-Calais has its west coast on the Channel. The whole coast of the North-Pas de Calais, our region is called Côte d'Opale, of Opale Coast.
Updated September, 10th , 2006 : Autoportrait with boat
On this photo you can sea my autoportrait made in a mirror in a window of the Marine and Fishing Museum Maréis in Etaples. As I took this photo I stood on the street looking to a window of the Museum where this boat is staying.

Perle de Rosée.
Perle de Rosée.