lundi, août 07, 2006

151. At the North Sea.

Yesterday and the day before, we were at see. At the North Sea, on the Coast named "Opale Coast", about 180 km far from here. You become soon a photo.

Update (10/8/06) - 13:50 (The promised Photo)
Here is a photo I made at sea. This is a view of the North Sea at the beginning of the East Pier of Dunkerque (the third greatest harbour of France). The coast from the Belgian coast to the department Somme, also all the North Sea Coast of France, and the coast of the department Pas-de-Calais is called Côte d'Opale (opale coast) in cause of its pastel colours. In the fact, the sky and the sea have not so bright blue colours in the North of France like in the South. Like I publish the photos now, there are the right colours.
The sea is far from the Avesnois where we live, but the national railway company SNCF organize days to one Euro. I made this photo at one day to one Euro per person, on August 6th.
On the photo these people whom I don't know are looking at the sea.

Perle de Rosée.-dominique/dominika