mardi, juin 20, 2006

123. Church of Féron

This is the church of Féron, a town near Fourmies. It is a church which has a defensive church tower (like a fortress). In the past centuries when they were wars, and when invadors came, people went to the church, to protect and defend themselves. We can find also many of such churches in the Thiérache, which is the North of the department of Aisne and at the South border of the Avesnois. There is a road which leads from one defensive church to the other. This church is made out of red bricks and blue stones (on my photo, there are not right blue, in reality they are of a blue-grey). They are extracted in the region and are also often sculpted. At the top of the church tower, you can see a girouette (a wind vane) which shows the direction of the wind. It is almost always a cock as wind wane on the top of the church.

Perle de Rosée, june 20th, 2006, 11/36 AM.

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  • I'm sorry that I did forget Spain on my way. I shall take them on my second virtual tour around the world, with all those who created a new City Daily Photo or City Photo Blog in the countries where I've already done my first virtual tour around the world.
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Nice building, good angle!

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