samedi, juin 17, 2006

120. A house over a bridge.

There are some places where there are houses over a bridge : in Venice the bridge of the Rialto, and in Erfurt, Germany, the bridge of merchants (Krämerbrücke for example. Here there is also a part of a house over a bridge or a river which flows under a house. The name of the river is the Helpe Mineure. The Helpe Mineure and the Helpe Majeure which flows parallel to each other through the Avesnois from the East to the West, and the both flows in the Sambre. Southly flows the Helpe Mineure which flows through Fourmies. Northly flows the Helpe Mineure through Avesnes-sur-Helpe. This photo was made in Fourmies not far from the Ecomusée and in the 19th Century the river flows through the market square in front of the town-hall, a square named commonly Place Verte by the people, or green place. Nowadays on the Place Verte, the river flows under the ground. The place whereunder it flows is taken by a big parking, the market on Saturday mornings, and a green with trees.
Perle de Rosée at June, 17th 2006, 11:45th.
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Now, we are still in Australia, where we are looking to the blog of Phil, who made a blog about Wedderburn. I found it well. Perharps he will come again on his blog some day.
11:34 Pm, June 17th, 2006.
Perle de Rosée.