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105. Problem of Parking : the ambulances have not enough place to come out of the parking.

The thema of to-day is by the City Daily Photo a parking problem. On the pictures that I show above this one has the woman who rule an ambulance firm in Bavay, a roman town 8km in the North-West of here a problem to park them.

On the first picture you can see the little place that it was already before to come from the garage between the two houses. An other house is in the back of the two others and the garage also, so that this hole was two years ago a square with historic value, because there are some historic houses on it. So that it is forbidden to build on this square. The woman of the ambulances has also another problem : you can sea the climbing wild wine grapes trees which was cut at their feet by somebody who was not found so that it does no more have leaves.

On the second picture you can see the board that the ambulance woman set at her window to let hear her voice about the parking problem : the board is an open letter to the mayor, because he let the "Cour Marcel", it is the name of the square become not so beautiful how it was since two centuries.

On the third picture you can see the building with the ambulances and the gatter that the neigbour built two years ago on town ground. This gatter is dangerous because it can fall.

The door of the gatter is also on her gas counter and always open so that the gatter has no use. The man who has to write how many gas the woman use in her house cannot open the counter container, so that the woman has to pay her gas on an evaluation of the winter with the warming of the house and pay since two years too much for her gas.
The lady went to the tribunal, but had no success until here and hope that her new neighboor will let the gatter away.
Perle de Rosée.
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Updated 26/08/06 : I went there again about a month ago, and there were no difference with before.
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I'm am sailing from Indonesia, where I were just after the earthquake only virtual, because it is impossible for me to help in another way, to Malaysia, where we are visiting the big capital town of Kuala Lumpur with Disquette : Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo.
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