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93. The answer.

Here is the answer at the question of the message before. It is the music-stand of Rocquignies near Fourmies. In the Avesnois-Thiérache we have several of these high music stands. They are very different of the music kiosks we can find in other towns. The big music kiosks are for concerts. These high stands are for dance. People did dance on the place of the village while the orchester was plying in the stand. So that the musicians could go on the high stand were put a ladder. But then during the dance, the dancers pulled the ladder away so that the musicians continue to play and doent go away. They gave to the musicians to drink.

Another question : What is the blue board we can see in the middle of the stand bar? At the day I made the photo, there were many people there for a concert in the church. In France classic concerts and especially choir concerts are often made in churches because they are acoustical good. During the pause between the two parts of the concerts and at the end of the concerts people want perharps to drink, so that they installed a drink stand. On the blue board which one can read from the other side is written "Buvette" with an arrow to show the direction of it.. A "buvette" is the place where people can buy to drink. and so refresh themselves.

Perle de Rosée.


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And now we are going a little more to the South to the town of Sarajevo. A sunny town with much history : Sarajevo Daily Photo.

Perle de Rosée.


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Thanks perle de rosée for mentioning Sarajevo Photo Blog. I do not understand why can you not leave comment on my blog.
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