jeudi, mai 18, 2006

91. Concert for Europe in Rocquignies.

.Another photo of the concert of Roquignies : Click here : 1.

    • Concert for Europe in Rocquignies.
    • Here is the photo of a concert given by the french-german choir of Paris (Chorale franco-allemande de Paris) in the church of Rocquignies, near Fourmies, not to confuse with Recquignies near Maubeuge (add on the 28/7 : Rocquignies is not far from Fourmies but in the department Aisne, but is at the border between the two departments).
    • On the picture you can see also the chief Bernard Lallemant, who is also president of the FAFA, Fédération des Associations Franco-Allemandes, it means in english, Federation of the french-german associations. The soprano soloist is japanese and named Shigeko Hata.
      The concert was held for the Voice Festival of Rocquignies, a festival of four days with each day a concert, and was supported by the french-german association of Fourmies, Fourmies-Bernburg and the european town sistership association of Anor (Anor-Europe) which invited the choir for the festival. Bernard Lallemant is composer and the choir sang in the second part his Cantate pour la Paix (Cantate for Peace). At the end of the concert was sung the European Hymn : the Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joyce of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven.
      Perle de Rosée.