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85. A chapell in Gommegnies.

This Chappell is almost in the center of the village of Gommegnies. Gommegnies is a big village with an old center, and all around country streets in the form of a star, with many houses at their side. So that, it extends its streets on several kms with house numbers over 1000 in each street, but between the houses you can always see the countryside. This chappel is not a column chappell because they are only on the east and north side of the forest, but you can see houw the roof has a pleasant form.

Perle de Rosée.

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At dim. oct. 15, 08:54:00 PM 2006, Blogger perle de rosée said...

To Steve :
My region isn't the Normandie, it is a little more in the North. It looks like the Normandie with many meadows, woods and hedges. It is at the feet of the Mountain Ardennes, near Belgium. I think Lassay is far and it is more the work of Bernay or Rouen or ND de Bondeville to make this work. If one day my route goes though the Normandie I shall think to you.
To Moonsoleil :
the little chapell are I think about two meters, two meters 50 high. When I stay my head is at the heigh of the hole where stay the statue. And I'm 1m65 high. So I think, there is about 50-70 cm higher as the top of my head. but this one is above the street.

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At dim. nov. 12, 09:37:00 AM 2006, Anonymous N° 78 said...

The more I see, the more I want to see. Thank you.
Posted by N° 78 to Pont sur Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 5/13/2006 05:31:34.

At dim. nov. 12, 09:42:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Steve said...

I really enjoy your blog and all the beautiful photos of your beautiful City and France. Some of my ancestors came from Lassay in Normandie. Are you familiar with this area? I would love to see some photos of that town on your blog, keep up the good work.
Lexington Kentucky, USA
Posted by Steve to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 5/11/2006 07:46:12 PM.
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