mardi, mai 09, 2006

82. Day of Europe.

To day was the day of Europe. In Fourmies were a great feast organized from the town sistership comitee Fourmies-Bernburg (France-Germany). It is the day of Europe because it is the anniversary of the declaration Schuman of the 9th May 1950 (one year for my birth) that we had to build an united Europa if we wanted no wars more. Now the great idea of Robert Schuman (not the composer, but the politician) is realized.
In Anor also there were something organized from the association Anor-Europe : an exhibition about Slovenia, a little mountain country southly of Austria, and ballons were sent in the sky by the children of the schools. Also in Fourmies about 200 children who learn german in the primary schools with 40 other childrens who learn english made a little spectacle where each child said "I am this land (name of the Land) , we are in the European Union and we have the Euro (or we haven't the Euro at this day)." And they sent blue and yellow ballons in the sky. The wind was from North-West to-day (and cold), and the ballons went very quick and very high to the South East. Perharps they belong to Germany, or Austria, of Slovenia, or Ungaria, or Romania.
On the photo you can see in the House of Europe above the map of Europe the portrait of Guy Hannecart, who was the foundator of the House of Europe of the Grande Thiérache (a region with a part of North (the Avesnois) and a part of North. This house is an association that is also a partner to the associations of sistership between towns of the different countries of Europa. It has also much to do with the european economic cooperation of the enterprises. And to send the students for practice of their job in other countries, to learn their jobs in other languages.
Guy Hannecart died three years ago.
Perle de Rosée.
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